Is HackerRank good? How the free platform helps developers

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HackerRank is one the most popular technical assessment tools available today. Companies like Dropbox, Lyft, TransferWise, and 2000+ other companies conduct the technical stages of their interviews on HackerRank. While more than 15 million developers use it to hone their coding skills and participate in competitive programming. HackerRank is good for developers because it allows … Read more

Is HackerRank useful? Understanding coding assessments

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Coding challenges have become all the rage during developer interviews and have made sites like HackerRank extremely useful.  Companies are using coding tasks as a way to screen out potential applicants who don’t meet their standards. They are a pretty controversial topic in the programming community because these challenges rarely transfer over into relevant developer … Read more

How many users can WordPress handle? Managing your site’s growth!

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WordPress is a fantastic option for anyone looking to build their online presence.  Around 36% of all websites online use a website as a content management system (CMS) making it the most popular choice in the world. WordPress sites around the world welcome millions of users every single day. The platform’s ability to scale has … Read more

Will Wix replace web developers? 7 crucial considerations!

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Wix is used by more than 4.5 million websites, so it’s easy to see why people are starting to wonder whether it will replace web developers altogether.  The platform is one of the most popular drag-and-drop website builders on the market and is used across the globe. It allows people with zero coding ability to … Read more

Will Webflow replace web developers? 8 reasons not to worry!

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Tools like Webflow have reportedly been set to replace web developers for decades. Each iteration of a successful website builder is always pipped to put web developers out of business.  The no-code movement is in its infancy at the moment but getting a lot of traction with entrepreneurs looking to bring their ideas to life … Read more

Do web developers need to know algorithms? 6 key considerations

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Do web developers need to know algorithms? There are thousands of different algorithms to learn so it’s important to understand the most important ones for your specific role. Some back-end developers who constantly deal with large data sets have to be up to speed on data structures and algorithms. But is the same true for … Read more

Should you learn algorithms before programming?

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Becoming a developer is tricky and understanding what order to learn things can seem like a minefield. Understanding whether you should learn algorithms before programming is one of those difficult decisions.  Different people provide their version of the ideal journey, while others decry it as nonsense.  The decisions you need to make can lead to … Read more

Should you learn HTML before Python? How to make the tricky decision!

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The popularity of Python has skyrocketed in recent years. It has a tonne of different applications and is easy to use.  Python has now become the third most popular developer technology behind HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The ease with which it handles big data has made it popular in the data sciences and meant the wider … Read more

Quiz: Is software engineering for you? Plus 10 traits you’ll need to succeed

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It’s important to know whether a career in software engineering is right for you.  You don’t want to invest a lot of time learning to code only to find out that programming is not a good fit for you. Overall, if you enjoy problem-solving, constant learning, and have an analytical mindset then software engineering is … Read more

Why is software engineering important? 7 key reasons it’s vital

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The rise of technology has meant that software engineering has become more important than ever. Being able to build, design, develop, and maintain code through software engineering practices is crucial in every piece of technology we use. Software engineering is important because it formalizes the development process for large technology projects. Moore’s Law asserts that … Read more

Moving from web development to software development: Is it difficult?

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New web developers tend to be curious about how they can transition into more ‘serious’ software development later in their careers. One of the benefits of becoming a programmer is the diverse and varied career that awaits you. There are so many areas you can specialize in as a software engineer.  Transitioning from one area … Read more

Do tech companies drug test software engineers? 4 reasons not to worry!

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Getting drug tested at work seems like a cliche from some 90s drama.  However, the number of employees testing positive in the workplace has risen to its highest rate since 2004. Testing rates of testing vary by industry so it’s understood that people want to know whether tech companies drug test. Unfortunately, if you fail … Read more

Copying code from Stack Overflow: Is it cheating? What you need to know!

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As a new developer, copying code from Stack Overflow can seem like a great idea if you are struggling to solve a problem. Stack Overflow is one of the largest community-driven questions and answers sites on the internet with more than 14 million registered users. The best answer for any given problem is selected as … Read more

Is Bootstrap hard to learn? 6 crucial things to consider

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Learning to code is an incredible journey. But each step has its pitfalls and challenges to be aware of.  Picking up a CSS framework like Bootstrap is different from learning raw HTML and CSS. When learning Bootstrap you are playing by the rules that other developers have set. You have to follow certain conventions otherwise, … Read more

Should you learn Bootstrap? 7 reasons to master Bootstrap

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Front-end development is full of libraries and frameworks. It’s tough when you start to distinguish between what you must learn and what is nice to have.  Software development is a broad field. Picking the area you want to work in can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  You should definitely learn Bootstrap. It … Read more

Should you learn HTML or HTML5? 5 reasons you’ll love HTML5

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There are currently around 700 programming languages for you to choose from when starting your coding journey.  Massive amounts of choice can make it unclear what you need to learn.  The skills you need also depend on whether you want to be a frontend or backend developer. It’s easy to see why the entire process … Read more

Should you learn HTML before JavaScript? 5 reasons not to skip HTML

Html CSS and JavaScript

It is important to learn HTML before JavaScript if you are going to become a front-end developer. HTML is right behind JavaScript in terms of popularity, with 56% of respondents stating they use it daily.  It’s always tempting when learning something new to try and run before you can walk. The urge to build more … Read more

Can I learn JavaScript in a week? How to get ahead!

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Learning JavaScript is the first foray most people have into a real programming language. If you are doing things correctly you should have picked up some HTML and CSS knowledge before getting to this step.  They give you the foundational knowledge to be able to put JavaScript into context.  You won’t learn JavaScript in a … Read more

Is React worth learning in 2023? 7 reasons to learn React!

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There are around 24 JavaScript-based web frameworks for you to choose from.  With such a variety of frameworks and libraries to pick from it’s easy to see why people are asking whether React is worth learning.  The amount of choice can be overwhelming! You don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into … Read more

Is web development dying? Why you should think long-term!

Would-be developers are frequently asking, is web development dying? The rise of web page builders, drag and drop platforms, and template marketplaces can give the impression that web development is dead. More than 20% of small businesses are also using social media in place of a fully functioning website to gain customers. While one-third don’t … Read more