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Do Programmers Need To Be Creative? Exploring the Connection

Do Programmers Need To Be Creative? Exploring the Connection

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2023

If you’re a programmer or considering a career in programming, you might be wondering if creativity is an essential skill. Well, the answer is a resounding yes! Programmers need creativity for problem-solving, innovation, and staying ahead of the curve in…

Web designer office

Do Software Engineers Make Websites? Discover Their Role and Skills

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2023

You may wonder if software engineers make websites, given the variety of roles they can take on in the tech world. Well, the answer is yes! Software engineers build websites, but it’s not their only responsibility. They work on a…

Google Hiring Committee Acceptance Rate: What You Need to Know

Google Hiring Committee Acceptance Rate: What You Need to Know

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2023

Navigating the hiring process at a prestigious company like Google can feel like a daunting experience. Receiving an offer rests on the decisions made by the Google Hiring Committee, a group of Googlers responsible for evaluating job candidates. To better…

Is Networking Harder Than Programming? Comparing the Challenges

Is Networking Harder Than Programming? Comparing the Challenges

Nathan BrittenJun 26, 2023

When it comes to the technology field, you might have heard debates about whether networking is harder than programming. As someone who’s spent years working in both disciplines, I can attest that there isn’t a straightforward answer. The level of…

Can Coding Make You Rich? Exploring the Potential of a Tech Career

Can Coding Make You Rich? Exploring the Potential of a Tech Career

Nathan BrittenJun 26, 2023

When many people envision a successful career, they often associate it with wealth and financial freedom. With the ever-growing tech industry, one might wonder, can coding make you rich? As a software developer myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact that…

Are Programmers Rich? Revealing The Truth Behind The Myth

Are Programmers Rich? Revealing The Truth Behind The Myth

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

Many people wonder, can you get rich with programming? As a programmer myself, I’ve pondered this question and have seen varying degrees of success among my peers. The short answer is yes, programming can lead to wealth, but it’s not…

Is Computer Science Oversaturated? Debunking Myths and Trends

Is Computer Science Oversaturated? Debunking Myths and Trends

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

With the rapid growth of technology, you might be wondering if the field of computer science is oversaturated. In recent years, more and more students have chosen to pursue careers in computer science, leading to concerns that the market might…

Can a Software Engineer Become a Millionaire? Unlocking the Secrets

Can a Software Engineer Become a Millionaire? Unlocking the Secrets

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

So, can a software engineer become a millionaire? The short answer is: Yes, a software engineer can indeed become a millionaire. With the growing demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry, software engineering is a lucrative field with high-income…

How to Make 200k as a Software Engineer: Proven Strategies for Success

How to Make 200k as a Software Engineer: Proven Strategies for Success

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

The lucrative world of software engineering boasts significant earning potential, with countless professionals striving to attain a salary of $200,000 or more. Job roles in this field offer not only financial rewards but also exciting challenges, growth opportunities, and the…

Is Coding Hard? Debunking the Myth for Beginners

Is Coding Hard? Debunking the Myth for Beginners

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

Do you wonder if coding is hard? Well, the truth is, it often depends on your background, prior experience, and determination. As with learning any new skill, some people might find it easier, while others might face some challenges in…

Application Developer vs Software Developer: Understanding the Key Differences

Application Developer vs Software Developer: Understanding the Key Differences

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

When diving into the world of technology, choosing the right career path can be challenging. Application developer vs software developer – what’s the better choice for you? By understanding the key roles, differences, and responsibilities of each profession, you’ll be…


Best Countries for Software Engineers: A Global Ranking Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

Choosing the best country for software engineers can be a daunting task, given the vast array of options available around the world. You might be asking yourself, what makes a country the best choice for your software engineering career? A…

Cloud Engineer vs Cloud Architect: Key Differences Uncovered

Cloud Engineer vs Cloud Architect: Key Differences Uncovered

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

The ever-evolving cloud computing landscape has led to the development of numerous job roles, specifically Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect. Both of these roles are essential to the growing field of cloud technology, but their responsibilities and functions differ in…

Cloud Engineer vs Software Engineer: Unraveling the Differences

Cloud Engineer vs Software Engineer: Unraveling the Differences

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses rely heavily on skilled professionals to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. Among these professionals are cloud engineers and software engineers, each with their own set of skills and responsibilities. If you’re considering a career…


Best Coding Bootcamps With Job Guarantee: Your Ultimate Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 20, 2023

Deciding to attend a coding bootcamp can be a life-changing choice for many people, but finding one that guarantees a job after completion isn’t always an easy task. With so many coding bootcamps available, it’s crucial to pick one that…


What Software Engineers Do on a Daily Basis: A Comprehensive Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

As a software engineer, you may find yourself working on a variety of projects on a daily basis. Your work may include designing and developing computer and network software, creating web and mobile applications, or working on operating systems and…


Is Programming a Stressful Job? Exploring the Potential Stressors of a Career in Coding

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

Programming is a field that has been growing rapidly in recent years. With the increasing demand for software developers, many people are considering programming as a career option. However, one question that often comes up is whether programming is a…


Compensation for Using Personal Laptop at Work: What You Need to Know

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

If you’re like many employees, you may use your personal laptop for work-related tasks. Whether you’re working from home or on-the-go, using your own computer can be convenient and efficient. However, it can also raise questions about compensation. Should your…


Best Cities in Europe for Software Engineers: Discover Top Tech Hubs

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

When you think of Europe’s best cities for software engineers, a few names likely come to mind. However, there’s more to the continent’s tech scene than just those top contenders. In this article, we’ll highlight the cities offering the most…

How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself” as a Front-End Developer

How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself” as a Front-End Developer

Nathan BrittenApr 10, 2023

As a front-end developer, the question “Tell me about yourself” can be a daunting one during an interview. It’s a broad question that can be difficult to answer, especially if you’re not sure where to start. However, it’s also an…

Best Programming Language for Mechanical Engineers: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Programming Language for Mechanical Engineers: A Comprehensive Guide

Nathan BrittenApr 6, 2023

Mechanical engineers use programming languages to design and analyze complex systems, automate processes, and simulate physical behavior. Programming languages have become integral to the field of mechanical engineering. However, with so many programming languages available, it can be challenging to…

Two people shaking hands

Why should we hire you? Answering as a front-end developer!

Nathan BrittenMar 28, 2023

One of the most common questions that candidates can face in software engineering interviews is “Why should we hire you?”. It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and personality in a way that sets you apart…

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Are Software Engineers Rich?

Nathan BrittenFeb 3, 2023

Software engineering is a highly valued skill. This is evident in the intensive university training required to get a software engineering degree! If you have a talent for software engineering and are wondering if you should make a career out…

clock with a pink and blue background

How long does it take to become a software engineer?

Nathan BrittenDec 12, 2022

Learning to code takes a while and becoming good at software development can take even longer.  It takes anywhere from 12 weeks up to four years to become a software engineer depending on the educational route you take into the…

woman writing on a whiteboard

How to answer: Why do you want to be a software engineer?

Nathan BrittenDec 12, 2022

As a software developer the best way to answer “Why do you want to be a software engineer?” is to be personal, genuine, mention specifics, and most important show some passion. Show the company that you are a developer who…

man doing a presentation

Do startups pay more than big companies?

Nathan BrittenDec 3, 2022

How much a startup pays generally depends on what stage of funding the business has received. Early-stage startups tend to pay 30% less than big companies while a late-stage funded company can pay developers up to 11.5% more than they…

group of developers

Does Working For A Startup Look Good On A Resume?

Nathan BrittenDec 3, 2022

Working at a startup looks good on your resume because it shows you can handle rapid change and can take on a variety of different responsibilities. The U.S. has 72,560 startups, the highest number in the world, so there are…

Software tester at work

Is Software Testing A Good Career Choice? 6 Key Considerations

Nathan BrittenOct 20, 2022

Software testing is a great career that offers a lot of varying and challenging work and has become an essential part of software development. There are drawbacks to it, as with any career, but it can be well-paid, rewarding, and…

Doctor on a phone

Do software engineers make more than doctors?

Nathan BrittenOct 10, 2022

If you are tossing up medicine and software engineering it is important to understand whether software engineers make more than doctors Long-term financial stability is an important consideration when choosing the career you want to pursue. It’s important to think…

man on a laptop

How Long Does It Take to Become a Senior Software Engineer?

Nathan BrittenOct 7, 2022

Software engineering is a fulfilling career, but the road to becoming a senior software engineer can be quite challenging. If you’re interested in developing yourself in the future, you’ll need to know how long it’ll take to get to the…

Laptop and a software engineer

Is Software Engineering Harder Than Medicine? 5 Considerations

Nathan BrittenOct 6, 2022

It is no secret that software engineering salaries are creeping ever closer to what a doctor gets paid. The rise in popularity of technology has seen a lot of people flood into the industry and we have seen many doctors…

programmer coding

Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Programmer

Nathan BrittenOct 6, 2022

Knowing what you’re getting into as far as the pros and cons of being a computer program before you start down this path are critical. You’ll want to be sure that it’s the right fit for you, especially if you…

Software tester coding

Does Software Testing Require Coding? 5 skills you definitely need!

Nathan BrittenOct 3, 2022

Not all software resting roles require coding and you won’t need to know how to code to land a career as a QA engineer. Software testers have a lot of responsibility resting squarely upon their shoulders and it is an…

masters degree

Is a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering Worth It?

Nathan BrittenOct 2, 2022

Whether or not you should complete a master’s degree in software engineering depends on several factors including your current knowledge of software engineering, the cost of a master’s degree, and the requirements of the professional roles you aspire to. Thus,…

software engineer

Is Being a Software Engineer Worth It? 5 things to consider

Nathan BrittenOct 2, 2022

Software engineers are in high demand and it pays well too. It is no wonder so many people are interested in becoming software engineers, but is it worth it? Is becoming a software engineer worth the long hours that you…

people pointing at a laptop

Are software engineers in demand? 4 key considerations

Nathan BrittenSep 7, 2022

Software engineers are currently in high demand and the number of available jobs is set to grow by 409,000 in 2030. The pace of growth in the tech industry dwarves most other segments of the market. It means that software…

wardrobe with clothes

The dress code for a software developer interview

Nathan BrittenJun 16, 2022

The dress code for most software developer interviews is smart casual. A nice shirt and a pair of jeans will do the trick, you don’t need to go overboard with a full suit and tie. However, the general rule is…

Group of graduates

When do tech companies hire new graduates?

Nathan BrittenJun 14, 2022

Tech companies tend to hire new graduates in the fall of their senior year from September onwards. Some graduate-specific jobs can stay open until early spring but the majority of spots have been filled by then.  However, there is a…

three people in an interview

When do tech companies hire interns? Plus 5 reasons why!

Nathan BrittenJun 13, 2022

Most big tech companies will begin hiring summer interns in September and then close applications around January times. However, smaller tech companies hire interns right up until the start of summer. 61% of graduates have taken part in an internship…

Someone writing a cover letter

Do tech companies read cover letters?

Nathan BrittenJun 12, 2022

The reality is that most tech companies won’t even bother reading your cover letter because technical assessments are far more important in the recruitment process. The sheer number of software engineers applying for a role at well-known tech companies means…

Psychologist at work

Do tech companies hire psychologists? Plus why they are hired

Nathan BrittenJun 11, 2022

There are 106,000 psychologists in the United States and only a small portion of them are employed at tech companies. However, tech companies do hire psychologists as they are useful to maintain good mental health among employees and provide useful…

Chemical engineer at work

Can a chemical engineer become a software engineer?

Nathan BrittenJun 10, 2022

Chemical engineers can become software engineers, the industry is booming and it is becoming a common trend for people to switch careers. There are three main routes to transition into software development: coding boot camps, further education, and self-taught learning. …

chemical engineer at work

Do tech companies hire chemical engineers?

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2022

Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Tesla do hire chemical engineers because they tend to be logical thinkers, good problem solvers, and have a broad skill set. There are more than 26,000 chemical engineers in the United States and big…

Graph of dividends

Cashing In at a Startup: What You Need to Know About Dividends

Nathan BrittenJun 8, 2022

Startups rarely pay dividends on their stock because they favor reinvesting their profits into growing the business. Only 53% of global small-cap stocks pay dividends anyways, and startups are not in this position because they aren’t floated on the stock…

Person holding money

Do startups pay bonuses? 3 key considerations

Nathan BrittenJun 8, 2022

Startups don’t usually pay bonuses at the very beginning because they are short of cash and focused on growth. However, as startups expand they begin offering bonuses and better salaries to compete with the top software developers. The average bonus…

Man driving

Do tech companies care about a DUI? 

Nathan BrittenJun 7, 2022

Will a tech company still consider hiring you with a DUI? For non-transport-related roles, tech companies don’t care about a DUI on your criminal record as most do not discriminate based on past convictions. Google, Facebook, and Uber have even…

university students throwing hats

Do tech companies ask for transcripts?

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

Tech companies will ask for your transcripts if you are applying for a job straight out of college. Only a third of Americans have a degree so employers that include this on the job description want to make sure they…

Man being arrested

Do tech companies care about misdemeanors? 5 key considerations

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

Tech companies don’t seem to care about misdemeanors, Google, Facebook, and Uber have all signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge which aims to eliminate barriers for those with a criminal record and provide second chances. Microsoft also actively states they…

People in an interview discussing references

Do tech companies ask for references?

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

The majority of tech companies will ask for references and 80% will contact them to evaluate potential candidates. It is important to have good references when transitioning between jobs in the tech industry as almost all employers will ask for…

Calculus book

Do you need calculus in programming?

Nathan BrittenMay 22, 2022

You don’t need calculus in programming and knowledge of complicated math concepts is not needed for most software engineering roles. Software development is the application of computer science and mathematical concepts, rather than the discovery and investigation of them.  Having…

Exit sign

Why people are leaving software development? 6 key reasons

Nathan BrittenMay 21, 2022

Despite its popularity as a career choice, people are leaving software development because of burnout, stress, constant changes in the industry, and poor health. Resignations in tech have increased by 4.5% and around a fifth of developers are looking to…

Programmers with a range of emotions

Do programmers have feelings? Ditching the stereotypes

Nathan BrittenMay 19, 2022

There is a stereotype that software engineers lack emotion and this leads people to believe they are weird or rude. Even asking whether programmers have feelings then assumes that they are in some way psychopaths. It’s an incredibly broad brush…

Woman describing experience in an interview

Software Engineer: Describe your programming experience

Nathan BrittenMay 15, 2022

When asked to describe programming experience software engineers should mention previous jobs, personal projects, and examples of how they have applied skills in real-world situations. Just over 50% of developers have less than 10 years of experience so outlining your…

favourite programming language

How to answer: What is your favorite programming language and why?

Nathan BrittenMay 15, 2022

As a software engineer, the best way to answer “What is your favorite programming language and why” is, to be honest, personal, and relate it to the needs of the business. There are more than 700 programming languages so there…

Strong climber

Software Engineer: What are your biggest strengths? 6 top tips

Nathan BrittenMay 14, 2022

The best way to answer “what are your biggest strengths as a software developer” is to be self-assured, specific, detailed, and relate it to your potential employer. On average, 118 people apply for a single job so getting these types…

Biggest weakness

Software Engineer: What are your biggest weaknesses? 5 tips

Nathan BrittenMay 14, 2022

The best way to answer what are your biggest weaknesses as a software engineer is to be contextual, be tactical, show improvement, and be honest. Less than 20% of applicants make it to the interview stage so be confident in…

Motivated software engineer

How to answer: Why are you interested in software engineering?

Nathan BrittenMay 13, 2022

As a software developer the best way to answer “Why are you interested in software engineering?” is, to be genuine, and passionate, show you are keen on the industry and avoid generic uninspired answers. Let your future employer know you…

Skelton on a laptop

The Best Jobs For Burnt-out Programmers

Nathan BrittenFeb 22, 2022

Software engineering is a fantastic career but can leave a lot of programmers feeling stressed and burnout. The day-to-day of a programmer varies a lot depending on the company and industry you are in. However, there are always times when…

Man working from home

Do software engineers work from home?

Nathan BrittenFeb 17, 2022

Most software engineers do work from home, with 86% now working remotely all of the time. The number of software engineers working remotely has skyrocketed since the pandemic and at least two-thirds of developers want it to stay this way…

Interviewers shaking hands

Software Developer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Nathan BrittenFeb 13, 2022

As a software developer the best way to answer “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is, to be honest, optimistic, show you are keen to improve yourself and avoid generic cookie-cutter answers. Let your potential employer know you…

Man working late

How often do software engineers work overtime?

Nathan BrittenJan 30, 2022

Putting in extra hours at the office is commonplace in most industries, software development is no different.  A quarter of software engineers work overtime at least one or two days a week, with another 26.7% working overtime one or two…

Woman with head in hands

Fired! 6 Reasons Why Software Engineers Lose Their Jobs

Nathan BrittenJan 30, 2022

Software engineers typically get fired for subpar performance, bad teamwork, or poor culture fit within their team or organization. As a developer, being laid off doesn’t happen often, especially with a job shortage of nearly 1 million people in IT,…

Software engineer levels

How often do software engineers get promoted?

Nathan BrittenJan 29, 2022

Software engineers typically get promoted every two to three years but the timescale is dependent on their skill level. 50% of developers have been coding for less than a decade which means the industry is incredibly young and there are…

Clock next to coins

How often do software engineers get raises?

Nathan BrittenJan 28, 2022

As a software engineer, you should be getting a raise at least once a year. There is a shortage of 1.4 million workers in computer science-related jobs which puts you firmly in the driving seat at the negotiating table for…

Software engineer looking at a computer

Why do software engineers change jobs? Job hopping in tech

Nathan BrittenJan 13, 2022

Software engineers change jobs for multiple reasons but generally stay at one company for significantly less than the national average. There is a shortage of software engineers which gives them the advantage when trying to switch roles.  The reason software…

Man typing

How long do software engineers stay at a job?

Nathan BrittenOct 30, 2021

As a software developer understanding how too long to stay at one job can make a major difference in your earning. Those who stay at one company for longer than two years end up earning 50% less over the span…

Pile of money

Why do software engineers make so much? 5 key reasons

Nathan BrittenOct 30, 2021

Software engineers make a lot of money relative to other professions. The salary expectations of developers across America have increased significantly in the last decade. For those located in tech hubs, which have higher costs of living, the salaries paid…

Man at work

Understanding the software engineer age limit

Nathan BrittenOct 30, 2021

Having a rough idea of the age limit for software developers is important if you plan on making a career change later on in life. You don’t want to put in months and learn a new skill for it to…

hanging boots for retiring early

Retiring from Software Engineering: When Should You Call it Quits?

Nathan BrittenOct 29, 2021

Understanding when software engineers retire is crucial before you embark on a career in the industry. The media would have us believe that retiring young as a software developer is a foregone conclusion. The story goes that you’ll create a…

Woman enjoying her work

Is software engineering a good career? 6 reasons you’ll love it

Nathan BrittenSep 22, 2021

Before starting a job it’s good to know that what you are jumping into has good long-term prospects. A good career is not just about the pay and perks. It should also offer a good work-life balance and keep you…

Man typing on a laptop

Do web developers need to know algorithms? 6 key considerations

Nathan BrittenSep 7, 2021

Do web developers need to know algorithms? There are thousands of different algorithms to learn so it’s important to understand the most important ones for your specific role. Some back-end developers who constantly deal with large data sets have to…

Women smiling

Quiz: Is software engineering for you? Plus 10 traits you’ll need to succeed

Nathan BrittenSep 1, 2021

It’s important to know whether a career in software engineering is right for you.  You don’t want to invest a lot of time learning to code only to find out that programming is not a good fit for you. Overall,…

Woman in front of a projector

Moving from web development to software development: Is it difficult?

Nathan BrittenAug 26, 2021

New web developers tend to be curious about how they can transition into more ‘serious’ software development later in their careers. One of the benefits of becoming a programmer is the diverse and varied career that awaits you. There are…

Tech companies drug test kit

Do tech companies drug test software engineers? 4 reasons not to worry!

Nathan BrittenAug 25, 2021

Our Pick: 12-Panel Drug TestIf you are worried about being drug tested then a home testing kit will let you know the result before being asked by a potential employer. [amazon box=”B01DMMPO58″ title=”12 Panel Home Drug Test” description=”The home drug…

Women with tattoos

Can software engineers have tattoos? 4 crucial considerations!

Nathan BrittenAug 24, 2021

The world has moved on from the clean-cut businessman in a suit from the 90s. Dress codes have been relaxed and in many workplaces having visible tattoos is not an issue. As companies modernize, employees have been given more leeway…

Man at work

Is software engineering fun? 7 reasons programming is awesome

Nathan BrittenAug 21, 2021

It is understandable to want a job you enjoy. Most of us will be working into retirement and it’s important to spend our working life doing something fulfilling and fun. Office jobs get a bad rap for being boring because…

bored software engineer

Is software engineering boring? 6 reasons to get excited

Nathan BrittenAug 17, 2021

It makes sense to worry about the day-to-day of a career before you step into it. Would-be developers often ask whether a career in software engineering is boring.  You don’t want to invest a lot of time leveling up through…

Math blackboard

Is coding harder than math? 5 key comparisons to put you at ease!

Nathan BrittenAug 16, 2021

Aspiring developers are often worried about the amount of math involved in coding.  For many, sitting through math class was the low point of their week. If you aren’t good at math, it can seem daunting to pursue a career…

Competitive software engineering

Is software engineering competitive? 5 tips to land your dream job

Nathan BrittenAug 8, 2021

It’s understandable to want to get an idea of how competitive software engineering is before starting your coding journey. That way you can prepare yourself for the job hunt at the end of it. Software engineering is all the rage…

Bored web developer

Is Web Development Boring? 5 Reasons To Start Coding Today!

Nathan BrittenAug 4, 2021

Enjoying your work is incredibly important, especially as you are going to be doing it for the next 30+ years. It’s good to get an idea of what it’s like to be a programmer before you start learning to code so you…

web developer at work

What is it like being a programmer? The good, the bad, and the ugly

Nathan BrittenJul 1, 2021

Before taking the plunge and learning how to code, you want to get an idea of what it is like to be a programmer. You don’t want to jump in at the deep end only to realize you can’t swim.…

Is web development dying? Why you should think long-term!

Is web development dying? Why you should think long-term!

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2021

Would-be developers are frequently asking, is web development dying? The rise of web page builders, drag and drop platforms, and template marketplaces can give the impression that web development is dead. More than 20% of small businesses are also using…

Is web development oversaturated? 5 tips to thrive

Is web development oversaturated? 5 tips to thrive

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2021

Web development is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. The relatively low barrier to entry means many would-be developers are wondering whether web development is now oversaturated. You don’t need a degree to get a job in web development and…