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Can Coding Make You Rich? Exploring the Potential of a Tech Career

Can Coding Make You Rich? Exploring the Potential of a Tech Career

Nathan BrittenJun 26, 2023

When many people envision a successful career, they often associate it with wealth and financial freedom. With the ever-growing tech industry, one might wonder, can coding make you rich? As a software developer myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact that…

How to Make 200k as a Software Engineer: Proven Strategies for Success

How to Make 200k as a Software Engineer: Proven Strategies for Success

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

The lucrative world of software engineering boasts significant earning potential, with countless professionals striving to attain a salary of $200,000 or more. Job roles in this field offer not only financial rewards but also exciting challenges, growth opportunities, and the…

Is Coding Hard? Debunking the Myth for Beginners

Is Coding Hard? Debunking the Myth for Beginners

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

Do you wonder if coding is hard? Well, the truth is, it often depends on your background, prior experience, and determination. As with learning any new skill, some people might find it easier, while others might face some challenges in…


Best Coding Bootcamps With Job Guarantee: Your Ultimate Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 20, 2023

Deciding to attend a coding bootcamp can be a life-changing choice for many people, but finding one that guarantees a job after completion isn’t always an easy task. With so many coding bootcamps available, it’s crucial to pick one that…


Is Programming a Stressful Job? Exploring the Potential Stressors of a Career in Coding

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

Programming is a field that has been growing rapidly in recent years. With the increasing demand for software developers, many people are considering programming as a career option. However, one question that often comes up is whether programming is a…

Best Programming Language for Mechanical Engineers: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Programming Language for Mechanical Engineers: A Comprehensive Guide

Nathan BrittenApr 6, 2023

Mechanical engineers use programming languages to design and analyze complex systems, automate processes, and simulate physical behavior. Programming languages have become integral to the field of mechanical engineering. However, with so many programming languages available, it can be challenging to…

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Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Programmer

Nathan BrittenOct 6, 2022

Knowing what you’re getting into as far as the pros and cons of being a computer program before you start down this path are critical. You’ll want to be sure that it’s the right fit for you, especially if you…

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Is Being a Software Engineer Worth It? 5 things to consider

Nathan BrittenOct 2, 2022

Software engineers are in high demand and it pays well too. It is no wonder so many people are interested in becoming software engineers, but is it worth it? Is becoming a software engineer worth the long hours that you…

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Fired! 6 Reasons Why Software Engineers Lose Their Jobs

Nathan BrittenJan 30, 2022

Software engineers typically get fired for subpar performance, bad teamwork, or poor culture fit within their team or organization. As a developer, being laid off doesn’t happen often, especially with a job shortage of nearly 1 million people in IT,…

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Understanding the software engineer age limit

Nathan BrittenOct 30, 2021

Having a rough idea of the age limit for software developers is important if you plan on making a career change later on in life. You don’t want to put in months and learn a new skill for it to…

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Retiring from Software Engineering: When Should You Call it Quits?

Nathan BrittenOct 29, 2021

Understanding when software engineers retire is crucial before you embark on a career in the industry. The media would have us believe that retiring young as a software developer is a foregone conclusion. The story goes that you’ll create a…

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Quiz: Is software engineering for you? Plus 10 traits you’ll need to succeed

Nathan BrittenSep 1, 2021

It’s important to know whether a career in software engineering is right for you.  You don’t want to invest a lot of time learning to code only to find out that programming is not a good fit for you. Overall,…

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Is coding harder than math? 5 key comparisons to put you at ease!

Nathan BrittenAug 16, 2021

Aspiring developers are often worried about the amount of math involved in coding.  For many, sitting through math class was the low point of their week. If you aren’t good at math, it can seem daunting to pursue a career…