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Do Software Engineers Make Websites? Discover Their Role and Skills

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2023

You may wonder if software engineers make websites, given the variety of roles they can take on in the tech world. Well, the answer is yes! Software engineers build websites, but it’s not their only responsibility. They work on a…

Is Networking Harder Than Programming? Comparing the Challenges

Is Networking Harder Than Programming? Comparing the Challenges

Nathan BrittenJun 26, 2023

When it comes to the technology field, you might have heard debates about whether networking is harder than programming. As someone who’s spent years working in both disciplines, I can attest that there isn’t a straightforward answer. The level of…

Can a Software Engineer Become a Millionaire? Unlocking the Secrets

Can a Software Engineer Become a Millionaire? Unlocking the Secrets

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

So, can a software engineer become a millionaire? The short answer is: Yes, a software engineer can indeed become a millionaire. With the growing demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry, software engineering is a lucrative field with high-income…

Application Developer vs Software Developer: Understanding the Key Differences

Application Developer vs Software Developer: Understanding the Key Differences

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

When diving into the world of technology, choosing the right career path can be challenging. Application developer vs software developer – what’s the better choice for you? By understanding the key roles, differences, and responsibilities of each profession, you’ll be…

Cloud Engineer vs Cloud Architect: Key Differences Uncovered

Cloud Engineer vs Cloud Architect: Key Differences Uncovered

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

The ever-evolving cloud computing landscape has led to the development of numerous job roles, specifically Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect. Both of these roles are essential to the growing field of cloud technology, but their responsibilities and functions differ in…

Cloud Engineer vs Software Engineer: Unraveling the Differences

Cloud Engineer vs Software Engineer: Unraveling the Differences

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses rely heavily on skilled professionals to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. Among these professionals are cloud engineers and software engineers, each with their own set of skills and responsibilities. If you’re considering a career…


What Software Engineers Do on a Daily Basis: A Comprehensive Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

As a software engineer, you may find yourself working on a variety of projects on a daily basis. Your work may include designing and developing computer and network software, creating web and mobile applications, or working on operating systems and…

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How long does it take to become a software engineer?

Nathan BrittenDec 12, 2022

Learning to code takes a while and becoming good at software development can take even longer.  It takes anywhere from 12 weeks up to four years to become a software engineer depending on the educational route you take into the…

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Is Software Testing A Good Career Choice? 6 Key Considerations

Nathan BrittenOct 20, 2022

Software testing is a great career that offers a lot of varying and challenging work and has become an essential part of software development. There are drawbacks to it, as with any career, but it can be well-paid, rewarding, and…

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Senior Software Engineer?

Nathan BrittenOct 7, 2022

Software engineering is a fulfilling career, but the road to becoming a senior software engineer can be quite challenging. If you’re interested in developing yourself in the future, you’ll need to know how long it’ll take to get to the…

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Is Software Engineering Harder Than Medicine? 5 Considerations

Nathan BrittenOct 6, 2022

It is no secret that software engineering salaries are creeping ever closer to what a doctor gets paid. The rise in popularity of technology has seen a lot of people flood into the industry and we have seen many doctors…

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Is a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering Worth It?

Nathan BrittenOct 2, 2022

Whether or not you should complete a master’s degree in software engineering depends on several factors including your current knowledge of software engineering, the cost of a master’s degree, and the requirements of the professional roles you aspire to. Thus,…

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Do tech companies hire psychologists? Plus why they are hired

Nathan BrittenJun 11, 2022

There are 106,000 psychologists in the United States and only a small portion of them are employed at tech companies. However, tech companies do hire psychologists as they are useful to maintain good mental health among employees and provide useful…

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Can a chemical engineer become a software engineer?

Nathan BrittenJun 10, 2022

Chemical engineers can become software engineers, the industry is booming and it is becoming a common trend for people to switch careers. There are three main routes to transition into software development: coding boot camps, further education, and self-taught learning. …

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Do tech companies hire chemical engineers?

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2022

Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Tesla do hire chemical engineers because they tend to be logical thinkers, good problem solvers, and have a broad skill set. There are more than 26,000 chemical engineers in the United States and big…

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The Best Jobs For Burnt-out Programmers

Nathan BrittenFeb 22, 2022

Software engineering is a fantastic career but can leave a lot of programmers feeling stressed and burnout. The day-to-day of a programmer varies a lot depending on the company and industry you are in. However, there are always times when…

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Is software engineering a good career? 6 reasons you’ll love it

Nathan BrittenSep 22, 2021

Before starting a job it’s good to know that what you are jumping into has good long-term prospects. A good career is not just about the pay and perks. It should also offer a good work-life balance and keep you…

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Moving from web development to software development: Is it difficult?

Nathan BrittenAug 26, 2021

New web developers tend to be curious about how they can transition into more ‘serious’ software development later in their careers. One of the benefits of becoming a programmer is the diverse and varied career that awaits you. There are…