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Does Working For A Startup Look Good On A Resume?

Nathan BrittenDec 3, 2022

Working at a startup looks good on your resume because it shows you can handle rapid change and can take on a variety of different responsibilities. The U.S. has 72,560 startups, the highest number in the world, so there are…

Group of graduates

When do tech companies hire new graduates?

Nathan BrittenJun 14, 2022

Tech companies tend to hire new graduates in the fall of their senior year from September onwards. Some graduate-specific jobs can stay open until early spring but the majority of spots have been filled by then.  However, there is a…

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Do tech companies read cover letters?

Nathan BrittenJun 12, 2022

The reality is that most tech companies won’t even bother reading your cover letter because technical assessments are far more important in the recruitment process. The sheer number of software engineers applying for a role at well-known tech companies means…

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Do tech companies care about a DUI? 

Nathan BrittenJun 7, 2022

Will a tech company still consider hiring you with a DUI? For non-transport-related roles, tech companies don’t care about a DUI on your criminal record as most do not discriminate based on past convictions. Google, Facebook, and Uber have even…

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Do tech companies ask for transcripts?

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

Tech companies will ask for your transcripts if you are applying for a job straight out of college. Only a third of Americans have a degree so employers that include this on the job description want to make sure they…

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Do tech companies care about misdemeanors? 5 key considerations

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

Tech companies don’t seem to care about misdemeanors, Google, Facebook, and Uber have all signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge which aims to eliminate barriers for those with a criminal record and provide second chances. Microsoft also actively states they…

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Do tech companies ask for references?

Nathan BrittenJun 5, 2022

The majority of tech companies will ask for references and 80% will contact them to evaluate potential candidates. It is important to have good references when transitioning between jobs in the tech industry as almost all employers will ask for…