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Compensation for Using Personal Laptop at Work: What You Need to Know

Nathan BrittenJun 9, 2023

If you’re like many employees, you may use your personal laptop for work-related tasks. Whether you’re working from home or on-the-go, using your own computer can be convenient and efficient. However, it can also raise questions about compensation. Should your…

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Are Software Engineers Rich?

Nathan BrittenFeb 3, 2023

Software engineering is a highly valued skill. This is evident in the intensive university training required to get a software engineering degree! If you have a talent for software engineering and are wondering if you should make a career out…

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Do startups pay more than big companies?

Nathan BrittenDec 3, 2022

How much a startup pays generally depends on what stage of funding the business has received. Early-stage startups tend to pay 30% less than big companies while a late-stage funded company can pay developers up to 11.5% more than they…

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Do software engineers make more than doctors?

Nathan BrittenOct 10, 2022

If you are tossing up medicine and software engineering it is important to understand whether software engineers make more than doctors Long-term financial stability is an important consideration when choosing the career you want to pursue. It’s important to think…

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Cashing In at a Startup: What You Need to Know About Dividends

Nathan BrittenJun 8, 2022

Startups rarely pay dividends on their stock because they favor reinvesting their profits into growing the business. Only 53% of global small-cap stocks pay dividends anyways, and startups are not in this position because they aren’t floated on the stock…

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Do startups pay bonuses? 3 key considerations

Nathan BrittenJun 8, 2022

Startups don’t usually pay bonuses at the very beginning because they are short of cash and focused on growth. However, as startups expand they begin offering bonuses and better salaries to compete with the top software developers. The average bonus…

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Why do software engineers make so much? 5 key reasons

Nathan BrittenOct 30, 2021

Software engineers make a lot of money relative to other professions. The salary expectations of developers across America have increased significantly in the last decade. For those located in tech hubs, which have higher costs of living, the salaries paid…