Will Software Engineers Be Needed In The Future?

With computer programming growing in leaps and bounds, and the realisation of A.I. technology coming ever closer – programs like Alexa are just the beginning – new questions come to light. Will the computer experts of today, such as software engineers, be needed in the future? Will Software Engineers be needed in the future? According … Read more

How long does it take to become a software engineer?

Learning to code takes a while and becoming good at software development can take even longer.  It takes anywhere from 12 weeks up to four years to become a software engineer depending on the educational route you take into the industry. Those who opt for a degree study longer before becoming software developers while boot … Read more

Do startups pay more than big companies?

How much a startup pays generally depends on what stage of funding the business has received. Early-stage startups tend to pay 30% less than big companies while a late-stage funded company can pay developers up to 11.5% more than they would get a public company.  Early-stage businesses simply don’t have the money to pay software … Read more

Does Working For A Startup Look Good On A Resume?

Working at a startup looks good on your resume because it shows you can handle rapid change and can take on a variety of different responsibilities. The U.S. has 72,560 startups, the highest number in the world, so there are plenty of opportunities to add a startup to your resume.  Culturally startups are very different … Read more

Apple Dress Code: A Complete Guide

Regarding innovation, Apple has always been at the top of its game. Not only is their technology top-end, but it also comes with a quality make that always brings style. So, what is the Apple dress code if you are working at an industry leader such as this? Unless you’re in management, the dress code … Read more

Microsoft Dress Code: A complete guide

Understanding the dress code at Microsoft could help make a good first impression when you interview or start the company. You never want to dress inappropriately in an interview and coming underdressed on your first day can be a real confidence knock.  Engineers and other technical workers at Microsoft typically dress in a relaxed, informal … Read more

Amazon Software Engineer Dress Code: A Complete Guide

wardrobe with clothes

The dress code for Amazon software developers is very casual and they don’t explicitly have a strict dress code. Instead, Amazon provides their software engineers with informal guidelines on what they should wear. If you are interviewing at Amazon make sure to at least keep it business casual so you make a good impression. However, … Read more