Do startups pay dividends?

Startups rarely pay dividends on their stock because they favor reinvesting their profits into growing the business. Only 53% of global small-cap stocks pay dividends anyways, and startups are not in this position because they aren’t floated on the stock market.  Early-stage startups are all about growth. They must focus any additional money on acquiring … Read more

Do startups pay bonuses? 3 key considerations

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Startups don’t usually pay bonuses at the very beginning because they are short of cash and focused on growth. However, as startups expand they begin offering bonuses and better salaries to compete for the top software developers. The average bonus pay is 11% of your salary in the U.S. and around a third of companies … Read more

Do tech companies care about a DUI? 

Will a tech company still consider hiring you with a DUI? For non-transport-related roles, tech companies don’t care about a DUI on your criminal record as most do not discriminate based on past convictions. Google, Facebook, and Uber have even signed up for the Fair Business Pledge which removes the need to disclose this information … Read more

Do tech companies ask for transcripts?

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Tech companies will ask for your transcripts if you are applying for a job straight out of college. Only a third of Americans have a degree so employers that include this on the job description want to make sure they are getting the right applicants. However, after a few years of experience, you won’t need … Read more

Do tech companies ask for references?

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The majority of tech companies will ask for references and 80% will contact them to evaluate potential candidates. It is important to have good references when transitioning between jobs in the tech industry as almost all employers will ask for them, 16% of employers even state they contact references between offering a job interview. References … Read more

Do tech companies care about your hair?

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Overall, tech companies don’t care about your hair color or length, around 70% of women use hair-coloring products so not hiring people based on hair would drastically shrink a company’s potential pool of candidates.  It is important to feel confident at your job, it means you can bring the best out of the work you … Read more

Do you need calculus in programming?

You don’t need calculus in programming and knowledge of complicated math concepts is not needed for most software engineering roles. Software development is the application of computer science and mathematical concepts, rather than the discovery and investigation of them.  Having a brief overview of certain math concepts may help in specific use cases, but the … Read more