What is it like being a programmer? The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Before taking the plunge and learning how to code, you want to get an idea of what it is like to be a programmer. You don’t want to jump in at the deep end only to realize you can’t swim. So understanding what you’re in for with a development job is crucial. Pop culture is in love with programming at the moment and It may skew the perception of what it is really like being a programmer. We will take a look at the various aspects of being a programmer, how hard programming is, the rewards, and the downsides to … Read more

Is web development easy? Important things to consider!

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Web development is a fantastic career. It offers a varied and creative workload that allows you to put your stamp on the work you do. It is also an exciting, fast-paced industry with new things to learn all the time. Although a career in tech is rewarding, is web development easy? To properly answer this we will take a look at the challenges when learning web development and also whether the day-to-day work of web development is easy. How easy is learning web development? Learning new things always has its challenges and web development is no different. According to Code.org, … Read more

Is web development dying? Why you should think long-term!

Would-be developers are frequently asking, is web development dying? The rise of web page builders, drag and drop platforms, and template marketplaces can give the impression that web development is dead. More than 20% of small businesses are also using social media in place of a fully functioning website to gain customers. While one-third don’t have a site at all. With all these aspects working against the industry its easy to assume that web development is in decline. Let’s take a closer l the industry and understand why people think web development is dying. From there we can really understand … Read more

Is web development oversaturated? 5 tips to thrive

Web development is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. The relatively low barrier to entry means many would-be developers are wondering whether web development is now oversaturated. You don’t need a degree to get a job in web development and the rise of boot camps has meant more people are entering the field than ever before.  When learning to code it’s perfectly normal to worry about whether a job will be waiting for you on the other side. We’ve taken a deeper look at the job market to help you understand how saturated the web development industry is and whether … Read more