Do programmers memorize code?

Women memorizing code

Programmers don’t memorize code, they become familiar with the code they use daily and refer to the official documentation for everything else. Around 90% of programmers use Google and 80% visit Stack Overflow if they get stuck on a problem when programming.  Being able to code with some fluency is an important part of progressing … Read more

The Best Jobs For Burnt-out Programmers

Skelton on a laptop

Software engineering is a fantastic career but can leave a lot of programmers feeling stressed and burnout. The day-to-day of a programmer varies a lot depending on the company and industry you are in. However, there are always times when there can be too much and that leaves a lot of developers struggling to keep … Read more

Do software engineers work from home?

Man working from home

Most software engineers do work from home, with 86% now working remotely all of the time. The number of software engineers working remotely has skyrocketed since the pandemic and at least two-thirds of developers want it to stay this way going forward. The work-from-home culture is here to stay and is thriving throughout the development … Read more

Why are programmers so rude? 3 key reasons

There is a stereotype perpetuated in the media that programmers are rude and not pleasant to work with. However, most programmers are great to work with and are not bad people or unpleasant. Generally, programmers can be rude because of their detail-focused personality types, the stress on the job, and strict attention to detail. Also, … Read more

How often do software engineers work overtime?

Man working late

Putting in extra hours at the office is commonplace in most industries, software development is no different.  A quarter of software engineers work overtime at least one or two days a week, with another 26.7% working overtime one or two days a month. The exact amount of overtime you may work will depend largely on … Read more

Why do software engineers get fired? 6 common causes

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Software engineers typically get fired for subpar performance, bad teamwork, or poor culture fit within their team or organization. As a developer, being laid off doesn’t happen often, especially with a job shortage of nearly 1 million people in IT, but around a third of all workers report being fired at least once. The tech … Read more