Why do software engineers wear glasses?

Software engineer glasses

Software engineers wear glasses because they look at computer screens all day from a relatively short distance which causes short-sightedness. 164 million adults wear glasses in the United States so it makes sense that software engineers, who look at screens all day, are among those who need them. Not all programmers use some sort of … Read more

Why don’t software engineers unionize?

Spotify software engineer strike

Unions have been around since the 1800s and affected plenty of the country’s major industries, so as tech has expanded why don’t software engineers unionize?  Software engineers don’t unionize because they are satisfied with their working conditions and compensation, and are happy to work in unfavorable conditions in the hope of getting stock in a … Read more

Why do software engineers change jobs? Job hopping in tech

Software engineer looking at a computer

Software engineers change jobs for multiple reasons but generally stay at one company for significantly less than the national average. There is a shortage of software engineers which gives them the advantage when trying to switch roles.  The reason software engineers change jobs is that they are looking for more money, seeking better opportunities, and … Read more

The best payment schedule for freelance development

Freelancing can be a tough gig so it’s important you have an idea of the best payment schedule for freelance development. Clients can be notoriously unreliable when it comes to payment terms and may often expect extra work for free. Getting everything written in stone is your best bet to avoid any headaches.  The best … Read more

How long do software engineers stay at a job?

As a software developer understanding how too long to stay at one job can make a major difference in your earning. Those who stay at one company for longer than two years end up earning 50% less over the span of their careers. Software engineers are paid a lot but you are leaving money on … Read more

Why do software engineers make so much? 5 key reasons

Software engineers make a lot of money relative to other professions. The salary expectations of developers across America have increased significantly in the last decade. For those located in tech hubs, which have higher costs of living, the salaries paid to software engineers are even higher.  Software engineers make so much money because there is … Read more