10 Benefits of Computers in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Care

Computers now play a crucial role in healthcare, offering several advantages to both patients and healthcare professionals. With the development of technology, there has been substantial growth in the use of computers in healthcare, which has led to better patient care, better results, and lower healthcare costs. The capability of computers in healthcare to obtain … Read more

Is Fortran still being used today?

If you’re wondering whether Fortran is still used today, the answer is yes. Despite being one of the oldest programming languages, Fortran has remained in use for over six decades in scientific and engineering applications. Originally developed by IBM in the 1950s, Fortran is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language that is especially suited to … Read more

Is COBOL Still Used? Exploring the Language’s Current Relevance

COBOL, or Common Business-Oriented Language, is one of the oldest programming languages still in use today. Developed in 1959, COBOL was designed for business applications, with a focus on readability, self-documentation, and ease of use. Despite its age, COBOL is still used by many organizations around the world, including major banks and insurers, government agencies, … Read more

Is Python Platform Independent? Unveiling the Truth

When starting your journey with programming languages, you might wonder if Python is platform-independent. Well, you’re in luck! Python is indeed a platform-independent language, which means that your Python code can run on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS without the need for modification. This is made possible because Python is an interpreted … Read more

Do Web Developers Use WordPress?

Web development is growing rapidly and developers should use the right tools and technologies to create high-quality sites. WordPress is one of the most used content management systems in the world with 43% of websites using it and is utilized by web developers everywhere. WordPress is a versatile open-source platform that offers a wide range … Read more

The 15 Smartest People in Tech: A Look at the Most Brilliant Minds in the Industry

The world of technology is a constantly evolving landscape, with new advancements and innovations being made every day. However, there are some individuals who stand out from the rest, possessing an exceptional level of intelligence and creativity that has helped shape the tech industry as we know it today. In this article, we will be … Read more

Netflix Dress Code: A Complete Guide

two men talking in front of a laptop

As one of the leaders in the tech industry, Netflix sets the bar high for their competition and customers, but have you ever considered what the Netflix dress code is for employees? The dress code at Netflix is very casual and you are allowed to wear anything you choose to work as long as it … Read more

How to reset your company laptop for personal use

Reset laptop

Understanding how to reset your company laptop for personal use is a common issue because over 50% of employees admit they use their work laptops for personal use. On top of that, people frequently get to keep old work laptops or buy them from their employer when they leave.  Company laptops are often quite bloated. … Read more

Are software engineers happy? Happiness in the Digital Age

group of happy people

Overall software engineers are happy with 70% of them stating they are happy at work and 79% not actively looking to change jobs. Software engineering provides a good salary, challenging work, and good career advancement. It makes sense that software engineers are satisfied with their work which then has a positive effect on their life … Read more

How did Mark Zuckerberg learn to code?

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg first learned to code on the Atari BASIC and then received tutoring from his father before receiving a C++ for dummies which he then used to teach himself. He was then tutored by software engineer David Newman before taking computer courses at high school and college. He did the majority of his learning … Read more

Do programmers have feelings? Ditching the stereotypes

Programmers with a range of emotions

There is a stereotype that software engineers lack emotion and this leads people to believe they are weird or rude. Even asking whether programmers have feelings then assumes that they are in some way psychopaths. It’s an incredibly broad brush to paint an entire field with. Programmers do have feelings, they are human just like … Read more

Why are programmers so rude? 3 key reasons

Angry man

There is a stereotype perpetuated in the media that programmers are rude and not pleasant to work with. However, most programmers are great to work with and are not bad people or unpleasant. Generally, programmers can be rude because of their detail-focused personality types, the stress on the job, and strict attention to detail. Also, … Read more

How often do software engineers use Stack Overflow?

Female software engineer

Around 30% of software engineers use Stack Overflow every single day with another quarter visiting the site multiple times per day. It is the world’s most popular collaboration platform for developers and serves more than 100 million people a month. 98% of software engineers use Stack Overflow in some capacity every month.  The platform is … Read more

Is software engineering considered an engineering discipline?

engineering tower

Software engineering is considered an engineering discipline that encourages the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. However, its status as an engineering discipline is contested and varies from country to country, and it is not a protected job title in most places.  Despite its detractors, software engineering has many of the hallmarks … Read more

Is CSS necessary for web development? 7 key reasons

man on the compter

CSS is incredibly necessary because it improves user experience, website engagement, and has become a fundamental part of branding. CSS is absolutely essential for modern web development and 96.3% of websites use it for styling. It has become a core tenant in web development alongside HTML and JavaScript. Without CSS. Before the introduction of CSS … Read more

Is SQL a programming language? 3 key considerations

Sql logo

SQL is a domain-specific programming language that uses queries to manage data in relational databases. 56.9% of developers report using SQL on a professional basis which makes it the third most popular language behind JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. The top four database technologies MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, are also all built upon SQL. Over … Read more

Why is JavaScript called a lightweight programming language?

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JavaScript is considered a lightweight programming language because it has low CPU usage, is incredibly easy to implement, and has a minimalistic syntax. Some people will also use lightweight in a derogatory way to try and indicate some of JavaScript’s shortcomings. Remember that JS is the most used programming language in the world. While it … Read more

Why do Java and JavaScript have a similar name?

Javascript logo

Java and JavaScript have a similar name because Netscape and Sun Microsystems agreed to use JavaScript as a complementary scripting language alongside Java, a compiled language. Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript also considers the naming a marketing ploy by Netscape to piggyback off the success of Java. The naming conventions of JavaScript and Java … Read more

Debunking the Myth: Are Software Engineers Really Super Smart?

Software engineer by a blackboard

The media leads us to believe that all software engineers are smart, with the geeky stereotype dominating people’s perception of a programmer. But is this reflected in reality and are software engineers intelligent? Software engineers are smart, the average software developer sits in the top 25% on the IQ scale. Software engineers are also excellent … Read more

Why do software engineers wear glasses?

Software engineer glasses

Software engineers wear glasses because they look at computer screens all day from a relatively short distance which causes short-sightedness. 164 million adults wear glasses in the United States so it makes sense that software engineers, who look at screens all day, are among those who need them. Not all programmers use some sort of … Read more

What is the average IQ of a software developer?

Woman writing on a whiteboard

A lot of people have reservations about learning to code because they are worried about the average IQ of a software developer. The intelligence quotient (IQ) test is a standardized test to assess how smart people are. It was first adopted in 1912 and is often used for educational placement and assessment.  Software engineers have … Read more

How do software engineers help society? 8 great examples

People holding hands

A lot of people don’t understand how software engineers help society and the overall benefits they bring. Software engineering is incredibly important and will become even more essential as technology adoption increases. It isn’t the act of writing lines of code that benefits society. But instead, the products that arise from this development go on … Read more

Best language to learn data structures and algorithms

Picture of a heart in 1s and 0s

We often get asked about the best language to learn data structures and algorithms, and whether the language you choose makes a difference. There are hundreds of programming languages and many would-be developers feel paralyzed by the vast amount of choices. It’s easy to spend too much time thinking about how to learn rather than … Read more

jQuery filter vs find: What’s the difference?

jQuery logo

If you are using jQuery it is important to understand the difference between the jQuery filter and find methods. They often get used incorrectly which means you won’t be selecting the right elements on your webpage.  The find() method searches all of the child elements of the currently selected items by traversing the DOM from … Read more

Why is software engineering important? 7 key reasons it’s vital

Woman at work on a laptop

The rise of technology has meant that software engineering has become more important than ever. Being able to build, design, develop, and maintain code through software engineering practices is crucial in every piece of technology we use. Software engineering is important because it formalizes the development process for large technology projects. Moore’s Law asserts that … Read more