Netflix Dress Code: A Complete Guide

As one of the leaders in the tech industry, Netflix sets the bar high for their competition and customers, but have you ever considered what the Netflix dress code is for employees? The dress code at Netflix is very casual and you are allowed to wear anything you choose to work as long as it … Read more

How to reset your company laptop for personal use

Reset laptop

Understanding how to reset your company laptop for personal use is a common issue because over 50% of employees admit they use their work laptops for personal use. On top of that, people frequently get to keep old work laptops or buy them from their employer when they leave.  Company laptops are often quite bloated. … Read more

Are software engineers happy?


Overall software engineers are happy with 70% of them stating they are happy at work and 79% not actively looking to change jobs. Software engineering provides a good salary, challenging work, and good career advancement. It makes sense that software engineers are satisfied with their work which then has a positive effect on their life … Read more

Why do programmers go bald?

bald man

Programmers go bald because they are mostly men and hair loss accelerates with age. Software engineering is 92% male so it makes sense that most programmers will eventually lose their hair. Just 16% of men experience hair loss under 30 years old but this climbs to 53% after 40.  There is no conclusive evidence to … Read more

How did Mark Zuckerberg learn to code?

Mark Zuckerberg first learned to code on the Atari BASIC and then received tutoring from his father before receiving a C++ for dummies which he then used to teach himself. He was then tutored by software engineer David Newman before taking computer courses at high school and college. He did the majority of his learning … Read more

Do programmers have feelings? Ditching the stereotypes

Programmers with a range of emotions

There is a stereotype that software engineers lack emotion and this leads people to believe they are weird or rude. Even asking whether programmers have feelings then assumes that they are in some way psychopaths. It’s an incredibly broad brush to paint an entire field with. Programmers do have feelings, they are human just like … Read more

How many concurrent requests can a web server handle?


Understanding how many concurrent requests your web server can handle is crucial as your website begins to receive more visitors and scale.  A slow server is one way to turn visitors away from your website. The probability of bounce increases by 32% when page load times go from 1 second to 3 seconds. Around 70% … Read more