How do software engineers help society? 8 great examples

A lot of people don’t understand how software engineers help society and the overall benefits they bring. Software engineering is incredibly important and will become even more essential as technology adoption increases. It isn’t the act of writing lines of code that benefits society. But instead, the products that arise from this development go on … Read more

Best language to learn data structures and algorithms

We often get asked about the best language to learn data structures and algorithms, and whether the language you choose makes a difference. There are hundreds of programming languages and many would-be developers feel paralyzed by the vast amount of choice. It’s easy to spend too much time thinking about how to learn rather than … Read more

jQuery filter vs find: What’s the difference?

If you are using jQuery it is important to understand the difference between the jQuery filter and find methods. They often get used incorrectly which means you won’t be selecting the right elements on your webpage.  The find() method searches all of the child elements of the currently selected items by traversing the DOM from … Read more

Why is software engineering important: 7 key reasons it’s vital

The rise of technology has meant that software engineering has become more important than ever. Being able to build, design, develop and maintain code through software engineering practices is crucial in every piece of technology we use. Software engineering is important because it formalizes the development process for large technology projects. Moore’s Law asserts that … Read more