Do tech companies hire chemical engineers?

Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Tesla do hire chemical engineers because they tend to be logical thinkers, good problem solvers, and have a broad skill set. There are more than 26,000 chemical engineers in the United States and big tech companies have a wide variety of roles and ventures, so it makes sense they need chemical engineers.

Most of the FAANG companies have roles directly related to chemical engineering and the same would remain true for nearly any tech-focused company with a factory.

If chemical engineers want to get a job unrelated to their bachelor’s, such as software engineering or product management, then they will have to undergo training. Some employers are happy to take people with non-tech backgrounds and train them from scratch. But the vast majority expect at least some coding ability before hiring, especially as the interview usually has a technical test.

Let’s take a closer look at whether tech companies employ chemical engineers and the type of jobs they usually do. Then look at the specific hiring policies of Google and Amazon for chemical engineers.

chemical engineer at work

Do tech companies hire chemical engineers?

Big tech companies hire chemical engineers because they have multiple ventures so there are a wide variety of roles available. Smaller tech companies also hire chemical engineers because they are logical and analytical, but may require them to have some programming knowledge. 

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Apple, and Uber all have specific roles for chemical engineers – and that was only after a brief search. These companies are invested in a lot of different industries which means the need for a diversified engineering team is incredibly important. 

Intel is one of the biggest computer chip manufacturers in the world and is based all around America. It is also rumored that as much as 30% of their recruitment is for chemical engineers.

Also, a lot of tech companies have factories which means the demand for process or automation engineers is high. So even if it isn’t a job related directly to a chemical background, there is always room for high-performing engineering graduates in most companies. 

If a candidate has a degree in any of the main engineering disciplines it means they are likely: 

  • Good at math
  • Logical 
  • A good problem solver
  • Hardworking
  • Smart

A combination of these skills in any industry would be highly desirable. So it makes sense that tech companies would want chemical engineers.

Moving to software development 

For graduates with a chemical engineering degree who don’t want to pursue that career path, there are other options. Software engineering roles are set to grow by nearly 22% by 2030 whereas chemical engineering is only due to rise by 9%. There are also far more jobs in tech, the average salary is higher, and they often offer lucrative bonuses.

However, most companies aren’t going to hire someone as a software developer if they can’t code. If that is the case you have a few options. Your best bet would be to do a Master’s degree in Software Engineering or similar. However, if this isn’t an option you can go the coding boot camp route which is the fastest route into the industry. If money is an issue, your last option is to teach yourself, plenty of people enter the industry this way but it takes considerably longer. 

Can chemical engineers get a job at Google?

Chemical engineers can get a job at Google because it is an incredibly diversified company with multiple ventures. They have departments that are actively looking into self-driving cars and battery technology, which would require chemical engineers. 

Google also owns several large factories so it is possible to get a job associated with your degree by entering process engineering and automation. Remember that chemical engineering is a broad field. You can get roles as a project engineer, safety engineer, process engineer, or in process control. Typically Google hires engineers from every discipline. It is just about finding the right job in the right location. 

You will struggle to get a software development job at Google with just a degree in chemical engineering and no prior coding experience. The competition is extremely stiff and if you can’t code you are unlikely to get a software engineer position

Does Amazon hire chemical engineers?

Chemical engineers can easily get hired at Amazon. Amazon generally hires chemical engineers to work in their factories. The company has ventures in renewable technology and self-driving cars so there is a need for that specific skill set.

Amazon has open positions for chemical engineers, senior chemical engineers, materials engineers, compliance engineers, battery system engineers, and quality assurance engineers. All of these were found within just a few minutes of searching so there are likely to be far more roles available. 

Similar to Google and other big tech companies you are unlikely to get hired as a software engineer at Amazon without a coding background. A degree in chemical engineering won’t be enough to secure you a spot as a developer.