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Is Freelance Web Development Worth It? Exploring Opportunities

Is Freelance Web Development Worth It? Exploring Opportunities

Nathan BrittenJun 26, 2023

In today’s digital world, the demand for skilled web developers is skyrocketing. With the endless possibilities of remote work and flexible schedules, you might be wondering if freelance web development is worth it. Let’s dive into the question and explore…

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How Much Should You Charge to Build a Wix Website? A Guide for Freelancers

Nathan BrittenMar 21, 2023

As a developer who specializes in Wix websites, it can be tough to set your prices. Coming up with an exact figure to charge can be difficult because there are so many factors at play. You should expect to charge…

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The best payment schedule for freelance development

Nathan BrittenJan 11, 2022

Freelancing can be a tough gig so it’s important you have an idea of the best payment schedule for freelance development. Clients can be notoriously unreliable when it comes to payment terms and may often expect extra work for free.…

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How much do Wix designers charge?

Nathan BrittenOct 25, 2021

Wix designers have been able to charge more and more due to the growth in popularity of the platform. Wix now has a 1.8% share of the content management system market but just five years ago it only had 0.4%…

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Do web designers use templates? Improving your workflows with templates

Nathan BrittenOct 6, 2021

 Using templates as a web designer is frowned upon by many in the industry despite the practice remaining pretty widespread. People think templates are an inferior product and should be avoided. However, the use of templates should depend entirely on…