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Is Software Engineering Hard? Unraveling the Truth

Is Software Engineering Hard? Unraveling the Truth

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

When it comes to determining if software engineering is hard, you’ll find that opinions vary. On one hand, many individuals find it a challenging and rewarding career path, while others may find it too difficult or simply not the right…


Is AI Art Theft? Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Creativity

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

As the world of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to expand, it’s inevitably making its mark on various creative fields, including the realm of art. AI-generated art has been a topic of debate among artists and critics alike, leading to the…

Is Data Entry Hard? Uncover the Truth Now

Is Data Entry Hard? Uncover the Truth Now

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

When considering a career in data entry, you might be wondering, “Is data entry hard?” The answer to this question can vary depending on your abilities, experience, and how diligent you are at learning new skills. Data entry tasks typically…

Does Elon Musk Know How to Code? A Tech Leader’s Insight

Does Elon Musk Know How to Code? A Tech Leader’s Insight

Nathan BrittenJun 21, 2023

When it comes to Elon Musk, people often question his coding abilities due to his innovative achievements such as Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink. Immersed in technology, this entrepreneur’s coding skills are indeed a topic of fascination for many. So, the…

The 15 Smartest People in Tech: A Look at the Most Brilliant Minds in the Industry

The 15 Smartest People in Tech: A Look at the Most Brilliant Minds in the Industry

Nathan BrittenMar 29, 2023

The world of technology is a constantly evolving landscape, with new advancements and innovations being made every day. However, there are some individuals who stand out from the rest, possessing an exceptional level of intelligence and creativity that has helped…

developer with an apple laptop

Apple Dress Code: A Complete Guide

Nathan BrittenNov 29, 2022

Regarding innovation, Apple has always been at the top of its game. Not only is their technology top-end, but it also comes with a quality make that always brings style. So, what is the Apple dress code if you are…

woman with a laptop

Mastering the Microsoft Dress Code: A Comprehensive Guide

Nathan BrittenNov 9, 2022

Understanding the dress code at Microsoft could help make a good first impression when you interview or start the company. You never want to dress inappropriately in an interview and coming underdressed on your first day can be a real…

two men talking in front of a laptop

Netflix Dress Code: A Complete Guide

Nathan BrittenOct 21, 2022

As one of the leaders in the tech industry, Netflix sets the bar high for their competition and customers, but have you ever considered what the Netflix dress code is for employees? The dress code at Netflix is very casual…

wardrobe with clothes

Amazon Software Engineer Dress Code: A Complete Guide

Nathan BrittenOct 21, 2022

The dress code for Amazon software developers is very casual and they don’t explicitly have a strict dress code. Instead, Amazon provides their software engineers with informal guidelines on what they should wear. If you are interviewing at Amazon make…

Stressed worker

Are IT Jobs Stressful? Key things to look out for!

Nathan BrittenOct 11, 2022

Are you thinking about going into IT for your career? If so, you may be wondering, are IT jobs stressful? More and more people are trying to avoid stressful careers because we are increasingly aware of how bad stress is…

four shirts

Google’s Dress Code: How to Dress for Success – The Complete Guide

Nathan BrittenOct 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the Google dress code and what workers at Google generally wear? This is one of the biggest, best-recognized companies on the planet, but are they all in suits and ties, or are they less formal?…

group of employees

Why do tech companies need so many employees? 5 key reasons

Nathan BrittenJun 15, 2022

Tech companies need a lot of employees because they have an incredibly large customer base. Each month 2.9 billion people use Facebook and nearly 4 billion use Google as their search engine of choice. But relative to traditional stores, tech…

Mark Zuckerberg

How did Mark Zuckerberg learn to code?

Nathan BrittenJun 11, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg first learned to code on the Atari BASIC and then received tutoring from his father before receiving a C++ for dummies which he then used to teach himself. He was then tutored by software engineer David Newman before…

engineering tower

Is software engineering considered an engineering discipline?

Nathan BrittenJan 27, 2022

Software engineering is considered an engineering discipline that encourages the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. However, its status as an engineering discipline is contested and varies from country to country, and it is not a protected…

Software engineer by a blackboard

Debunking the Myth: Are Software Engineers Really Super Smart?

Nathan BrittenJan 18, 2022

The media leads us to believe that all software engineers are smart, with the geeky stereotype dominating people’s perception of a programmer. But is this reflected in reality and are software engineers intelligent? Software engineers are smart, the average software…

picture of a doctor

Is software engineering a profession? 6 reasons it doesn’t make the cut

Nathan BrittenJan 17, 2022

Software engineering does not have worldwide recognition as being a profession but is a fully licensed discipline in Texas, Australia, and large parts of Canada. Since 1993 there have been numerous groups trying to lobby for software engineering to be…

Box of tools

Is software engineering a trade?

Nathan BrittenJan 17, 2022

Software engineering is not considered a trade but has many hallmarks of a trade. It requires an advanced skill set that is predominantly learned in one or two years and then improved upon while on the job. However, there is…

Spotify software engineer strike

Why don’t software engineers unionize?

Nathan BrittenJan 16, 2022

Unions have been around since the 1800s and affected plenty of the country’s major industries, so as tech has expanded why don’t software engineers unionize?  Software engineers don’t unionize because they are satisfied with their working conditions and compensation, and…

Indian software developer

Why are so many software engineers Indian? 5 key reasons

Nathan BrittenJan 12, 2022

It’s easy to understand why so many Indians are software engineers. The global software industry is worth more than $3 trillion and is set to grow by nearly 25% over the next five years. It’s a lucrative field that offers…

Woman writing on a whiteboard

What is the average IQ of a software developer?

Nathan BrittenNov 3, 2021

A lot of people have reservations about learning to code because they are worried about the average IQ of a software developer. The intelligence quotient (IQ) test is a standardized test to assess how smart people are. It was first…

Rack of dress shirts

Facebook dress code: A complete guide

Nathan BrittenOct 13, 2021

Understanding the dress code at Facebook could make or break the first impression you leave on interviewers or colleagues. Coming to an interview dressed inappropriately is not recommended as it can leave a poor lasting impression.  There is no official…

Man in a suit

Software engineer dress code: A complete guide

Nathan BrittenOct 12, 2021

The dress code for software engineers generally flys in the face of the decades-old corporate mantra of a shirt and tie. Knowing what to wear as a software engineer can be difficult because most of us were told we should…