Is Web Development Boring? 5 Reasons To Start Coding Today!

Enjoying your work is incredibly important, especially as you are going to be doing it for the next 30+ years.

It’s good to get an idea of what it’s like to be a programmer before you start learning to code so you can understand the pitfalls of the role. 

You don’t want to spend time learning JavaScript only to find out that you would find a career in web development boring.

Web development is not boring. The tasks and challenges you encounter daily are interesting and varied enough to make web development a fantastic career choice. 

Let’s take a deeper look at why coding is not dull and also explore the potential pitfalls of a career in software development.

Why web development is not boring

Web development isn’t for everyone, but it is an engrossing career. You’ll constantly encounter fun new problems to solve and have a varied workload. 

The cliched days of a lone wolf hacker working alone are long gone. Most roles will have you working in diverse and vibrant teams that keep your skills sharp.

 Let’s explore why web development isn’t dull.

1. It’s Challenging

In a good web development role, you are going to be solving difficult problems all day long. 

Whether it’s a bug in the UI, getting to grips with user requirements, or building something in React, you will constantly have new issues to fix.

Is taking on challenging tasks and seeing them through till completion fun for you? Then you will love programming, and won’t find web development boring.

The rise of JavaScript frameworks has meant there is initially more to learn but the pay-off is well worth it. 

Learning React, Vue, or JS may be difficult at first but it will allow you to specialize later on and take on bigger tasks.

2. It’s Flexible

For those of you keen to work remotely then software engineering is definitely for you. 

True digital nomads will work from anywhere and the change in scenery means web development never gets bland. 

We all conjure up images of working on a beach. But the more practical reality is that the flexibility in programming means you have access to a wider pool of jobs.

Companies have become very flexible in terms of the places they recruit from. I’ve worked in teams with developers all living across Europe. 

If you keep your head down and acquire the necessary web development skills, the world is your oyster.

3. It’s Creative

Jobs in software are creative at their core and this means web development rarely gets monotonous. 

If you are like me you may not have a creative bone in your body. However, what makes web development so absorbing is bringing the designs to life.

You are usually provided with designs but how you bring those to life is your choice.

The ability to create something from nothing makes software engineering fulfilling and a perfect choice if you want to be stretched creatively.

Your design eye also improves over time so you find a newer and better way to inject creativity into your work. 

4. It’s Varied

The pace of change in the software industry is rapid. Keeping up with the pace can be a challenge in itself.

If you are someone who enjoys learning new things and tweaking their knowledge then you will find web development fun. 

Whether it’s figuring out if React is worth learning, picking up the newest accessibility changes, or rebuilding an app, the work is so varied.

The day-to-day of web development is also varied. Reviewing code, fixing bugs, discussing requirements, meeting with clients, and programming all happen in a single day. There is rarely a dull moment in web development.

5. Web Development Opens Doors

Coming from a technical background will always keep you in good stead in the software world. 

Becoming a developer opens a lot of doors later on.

You can either go down the Tech Lead route or shift gears and take a product focus by becoming a Product Manager.

Whatever you choose, the technical skills and problem-solving ability you learn as a web developer will open doors later on in your career.

Climbing the corporate ladder with your developed knowledge in your back pocket helps you keep afloat in those difficult deep-dive meetings later on in your career.

is web development boring image

Does web development get boring?

No job is without its downsides and programming is no different. Can web development be boring?

In my experience so far, the job itself never gets bland. There are definitely some things I prefer doing over others but that is expected with any role. 

Aside from coding, there are a lot of different things to keep busy with during the day and this variation makes every day enjoyable.

Let’s have a look at the main reasons why people may think web development is boring. 


If you work in an agency and need to deliver site after site, the workload can become repetitive. 

Building variations of the same thing can get pretty tedious. But this all depends on the type of role you have. 

Some web development roles are focused solely on producing WordPress sites. Client requirements are always going to be slightly different, but the underlying platform and approach remain the same. 

Once you have mastered the platform, it can become monotonous to produce the same thing constantly.

However, a company that creates and delivers its own products may have more varied work, especially if new features need to be built. Working as part of a development team on a greenfield project provides much more variation and excitement. 

Personal Interests 

If you are someone who enjoys solving problems then it is unlikely you will find web development monotonous. Usually, this means you enjoy applying yourself to one problem over some time until it is solved.

In contrast, you may find development tricky if you prefer constant task switching and like to help to find answers. 

Software engineering is a broad field and there are plenty of opportunities for people with different interests. For someone with a keen eye for design make sure to get yourself working on the front-end in a role that focuses on the UI and UX of an application. 

Finding out what your interests are and pursuing them will prevent you from getting bored with web development.

Tech Stack

Working with a tech stack that doesn’t interest you is a quick way to become uninterested in web development. 

Your opinion on what is interesting will be different from the next developer but it’s important to have a keen interest in the tools you use.

I’ve worked in jobs that used a completely outdated tech stack that is likely to become redundant over the next few years. It is hard to immerse yourself in technology when you know that before long it won’t be around. 

There is something for everyone in software engineering and if you aren’t happy with what you are building day-to-day then make a change. 

You will need to keep learning and ensure you have the necessary skills for a change into a role that suits you more. Have a personal portfolio to demonstrate to employers what you can bring to the table.

If you end up using and building stuff you aren’t interested you are certain to become bored with web development

The negatives of web development

As I stated above, I’ve never personally found programming lackluster. The constant challenges and variations make it interesting. 

However, there are some downsides to being a web developer. These may not all apply to you but be aware that the job isn’t for everyone.

Working Alone

A lot of development roles are opting for a remote-first approach where you may only see your team a few times a month. So if you are someone who enjoys a work environment surrounded by others, you can find being a developer boring. 

In good companies, you will team up with another developer and do paired coding. There are also various meetings you have to attend. However, outside of this, you will usually work alone on a lot of tasks. 

For the out and out collaborators among you, this may be a dealbreaker. 

Business decisions

As a developer, you are likely to be quite far removed from the business decisions that are being made about the product you are developing. 

You will be given context for a task but may not always know the underlying “why” behind something. It can be pretty frustrating especially if you are a big picture thinker. 

Often you are present with the “what” and expected to deliver. A good product owner can bridge this gap but it is something to be aware of.

Client Interaction

The amount you interact with clients will depend solely on the type of company you work for. 

Some developers revel in being far removed from ever meeting a client. Others enjoy running workshops and getting into the nitty-gritty of requirements. 

Depending on your mindset, you will find programming uninspiring if your needs are not being met in this department. 

Sedentary Lifestyle

As a web developer, you will be sitting down all day. Standup desks have become all the rage, but you should still expect to be in one spot all day. 

If you like to be active and move around, you will find web development extremely frustrating. 

You can overcome this by leading an active lifestyle outside of work but make sure to stretch daily. Back pain or repetitive strain injury can pop up out of nowhere and take decades to overcome. Prevention is key. 


Web development is not boring. It opens the door to the varied and exciting world of creating things with code. 

The challenging and flexible nature of development means you will rarely have a dull moment. The industry provides ample opportunity to grow and learn, so is perfect for the knowledge-hungry among you. 

Let your creative side run wild and start coding today.