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How Long Does It Take to Become a Good Programmer: Your Ultimate Guide

How Long Does It Take to Become a Good Programmer: Your Ultimate Guide

Nathan BrittenJun 27, 2023

Becoming a good programmer is a goal that many aspiring developers strive to achieve. The journey, however, varies for each individual based on their background, experience, and dedication. While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame, expect to spend…

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Hacker: A Realistic Timeline

Nathan BrittenJun 25, 2023

Becoming a hacker is a journey that varies depending on an individual’s dedication, knowledge, and skills. The time it takes to become a proficient hacker ranges from a few months to several years, but with determination, you can achieve it.…

Coding on a tablet

Can you learn coding without a laptop? 5 ways to code without a laptop

Nathan BrittenMay 12, 2022

Unfortunately, it is not possible to properly learn coding without a laptop. More than 50% of developers get advice online at least once a day for their code, so without a laptop learning can be very difficult. You can pick…

Laptop with no internet

Unplugged: 5 Ways to Code Without the Internet

Nathan BrittenMay 12, 2022

Coding doesn’t require the internet but it helps a lot. You don’t need the internet to code but it will make learning easier and debugging simpler. More than 80% of professional developers use the internet when they get stuck, so…

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The Truth About Programmers and Code: Do They Really Memorize it All?

Nathan BrittenApr 15, 2022

Programmers don’t memorize code, they become familiar with the code they use daily and refer to the official documentation for everything else. Around 90% of programmers use Google and 80% visit Stack Overflow if they get stuck on a problem…

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Best language to learn data structures and algorithms

Nathan BrittenOct 20, 2021

We often get asked about the best language to learn data structures and algorithms, and whether the language you choose makes a difference. There are hundreds of programming languages and many would-be developers feel paralyzed by the vast amount of…

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How many programming languages should you learn at once?

Nathan BrittenSep 28, 2021

Everyone loves to run before they can walk and thinks about learning a few different programming languages at once.  Professional programmers almost always know a second or third language. Not in as much detail as their main language but enough…

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Should you learn Java or JavaScript first?

Nathan BrittenSep 25, 2021

Choosing between learning Java and JavaScript when you are a beginner can feel like a daunting task. Both languages are among the ten most popular programming languages in use today, and for the initiated the names make them hard to…

Data structure

Should you learn algorithms before programming?

Nathan BrittenSep 6, 2021

Becoming a developer is tricky and understanding what order to learn things can seem like a minefield. Understanding whether you should learn algorithms before programming is one of those difficult decisions.  Different people provide their version of the ideal journey,…

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Should you learn HTML before Python? How to make the tricky decision!

Nathan BrittenSep 3, 2021

The popularity of Python has skyrocketed in recent years. It has a tonne of different applications and is easy to use.  Python has now become the third most popular developer technology behind HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The ease with which it…

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Should you learn HTML or HTML5? 5 reasons you’ll love HTML5

Nathan BrittenAug 12, 2021

There are currently around 700 programming languages for you to choose from when starting your coding journey.  Massive amounts of choice can make it unclear what you need to learn.  The skills you need also depend on whether you want…

Html CSS and JavaScript

Should you learn HTML before JavaScript? 5 reasons not to skip HTML

Nathan BrittenAug 10, 2021

It is important to learn HTML before JavaScript if you are going to become a front-end developer. HTML is right behind JavaScript in terms of popularity, with 56% of respondents stating they use it daily.  It’s always tempting when learning…

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Can I learn JavaScript in a week? How to get ahead!

Nathan BrittenJul 30, 2021

Learning JavaScript is the first foray most people have into a real programming language. If you are doing things correctly you should have picked up some HTML and CSS knowledge before getting to this step.  They give you the foundational…

Is learning JavaScript enough to become a software developer? (Solved)

Is learning JavaScript enough to become a software developer? (Solved)

Nathan BrittenJul 9, 2021

Starting to code can be daunting. You’ll have a lot of questions about how much you need to learn and what life is like as a programmer. People like things they can measure or work towards, so asking how much JavaScript…

stressed web developer

Is web development easy? Important things to consider!

Nathan BrittenJun 30, 2021

Web development is a fantastic career. It offers a varied and creative workload that allows you to put your stamp on the work you do. It is also an exciting, fast-paced industry with new things to learn all the time.…