Codecademy Certificate Value - Is It Recognized by Employers?

Codecademy is an online platform that provides coding courses to people of all skill levels. It is popular among those wanting to become developers but is also used by current devs trying to upskill The platform offers certificates of completion to students who finish a course as long as they are a Pro or Plus member.

But is the Codecademy certificate recognized? And is it something that will add value to your resume or bolster your chances in an interview?

While Codecademy certificates are a great way to showcase what you have learned, they are unlikely to land you a job by themselves. They are not accredited and not recognized by formal education institutions. However, they are a good addition to your resume and will definitely show potential employers you are capable. But you need to either have real-world experience with a portfolio of projects to impress an employer.

Let’s dive into the value of Codecademy certificates and understand how they can help you achieve your career goals.

Codecademy Certificate Overview

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What is a Codecademy Certificate?

Codecademy certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete a course on the online platform. You have to be a Pro or Plus member to be eligible for the certificates so people on the free tier won’t get one. The certificates serve as proof that you have successfully completed the course and acquired the skills taught in it.

However, Codecademy certificates are not accredited, which means they aren’t recognized by educational institutions or organizations. While they show you have completed the course, the certificate alone is not proof you understand the underlying concepts or are able to apply them which in coding is important.

Types of Codecademy Certificates

Codecademy offers various types of certificates, including:

  • Codecademy These certificates are awarded to students who complete a single course on Codecademy.
  • Codecademy These certificates are awarded to students who complete a series of courses on Codecademy that are grouped together to form a path.
  • Pro Intensive Certificates: These certificates are awarded to students who complete a more advanced, intensive course on Codecademy.

These certificates are not accredited but can still be valuable for individuals looking to showcase their coding skills to potential employers. According to Codecademy, their certificates have been recognized by companies such as IBM, Amazon, and Google.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the value of these certificates may vary depending on the employer and the specific job you are applying for.

Codecademy Certificate Value

With access starting from $14 a month Codecademy certificates are great value even if they are not accredited. They are great for people just starting out in the industry and they show employers you have what it takes to dedicate yourself to a course and are a bargain too.

Why Get a Codecademy Certificate?

These certificates demonstrate to potential employers or clients that you have completed a specific course and have gained knowledge and skills in a particular programming language or technology. Obtaining a Codecademy certificate can be a valuable addition to a resume or portfolio and provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue learning and growing as a programmer.

Are Codecademy Certificates Recognised?

Codecademy certificates are not recognized in any formal way by educational institutions in the same way a degree or short course would be. However, they do show potential employers what skills you have and this can be useful to get your foot in the door for an interview.

Most coding bootcamps and self-taught routes into software development are not recognized with certifications either, so don’t let the lack of accreditation put you off. Let your potential employer determine the value of your Codecademy certificate by showcasing a portfolio and well-written resume alongside it.

Do Jobs Accept Codecademy Certificates?

Some employers may accept Codecademy certificates as proof of knowledge and skills in a particular programming language. However, if you have no other industry experience it is crucial to have a portfolio of work to show and it will give you a lot to discuss in an interview.

Plenty of people are entirely self-taught in software engineering, so a Codecademy certificate will hold some value. But it won’t be the deciding factor in you getting a job.

How to Add a Codecademy Certificate to Your Resume

A Codecademy certificate is not formally accredited by an educational institution so I would avoid putting it under the education section of your resume. Instead, add it in the additional skills or experience section. Most of the time you will provide tech recruiters with an electronic version of your resume so include a link to the certificate there.

Make sure to include the name of the course, the date of completion, and a link to the certificate of completion as evidence. Additionally, linking to the Codecademy certificate on your portfolio website will provide potential employers with more information about the course and the skills gained.

Do Codecademy Certificates Mean Anything?

Codecademy certificates are a signal to employers that you have the skills they are looking for. They are not accredited but they hold value because they show recruiters you are motivated to learn new things.

You receive the certification once you complete the course or path and then most people put it on their resume or provide a link on their portfolio. It shows employers you have taken the initiative to learn new skills and are motivated to improve.

The certificates are not the only factor that employers will look at when you apply for a job. More value will be placed on previous experience, or a strong portfolio of work so you should aim to prioritize these. But having a Codecademy certificate would be a great addition to your application and could help you stand out from other candidates.

Overall, Codecademy certificates don’t hold the same weight as a degree or other accredited certifications, but they can still be a valuable addition to your resume and demonstrate your commitment to learning and improving your skills.


Codecademy certificates may not be recognized by an educational institution, but they are still valuable for those looking to gain knowledge and skills in programming. The certificates can help you stand out in a crowded job market and demonstrate your dedication to learning.

The face value of a Codecademy certificate may be limited but it can still be a useful addition for those looking to enter programming.

It is important to remember that a Codecademy certificate is not a substitute for formal education or experience in the field. However, it can be a great supplement to your existing knowledge and experience. If you don’t have any real-world experience you need to have a portfolio website that demonstrates the projects you have built.

Remember a Codecademy certificate can be a valuable asset in your career journey and isn’t going to hurt your career prospects.