Is Codecademy good for beginners?

Opportunities to expand your education on your own time via online resources are only growing by the day. For individuals looking to make career shifts, pad their resumes, and learn new coding skills, presents a practical pathway. But is Codecademy good for beginners? And if so, how far does the teaching go? While Codecademy … Read more

Is Pluralsight Worth It? 10 Great Advantages

The 50+ free courses in various technologies mean that Pluralsight is incredibly worth it for those looking to develop their tech skills. With 2500 courses available for just $29 a month, the standard tier is also worth the cost.  Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses for people looking … Read more

Which is harder: Python or CSS? Coding Tips

A lot of people new to development want to understand whether Python is harder than CSS so they know where to focus their efforts. Tackling the easy stuff first is a good way to progress in programming as you build on your previous experience.  Regarding which is harder, Python or CSS, the answer is Python … Read more

Does coding require the internet? 5 ways to code offline

Laptop with no internet

Coding doesn’t require the internet but it helps a lot. You don’t need the internet to code but it will make learning easier and debugging simpler. More than 80% of professional developers use the internet when they get stuck, so it can be tough to fix issues without it as a crutch.  However, the internet … Read more

Why do Java and JavaScript have a similar name?

Javascript logo

Java and JavaScript have a similar name because Netscape and Sun Microsystems agreed to use JavaScript as a complementary scripting language alongside Java, a compiled language. Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript also considers the naming a marketing ploy by Netscape to piggyback off the success of Java. The naming conventions of JavaScript and Java … Read more

Should you learn Java or JavaScript first?

Choosing between learning Java and JavaScript when you are a beginner can feel like a daunting task. Both languages are among the ten most popular programming languages in use today, and for the initiated the names make them hard to tell apart.  Whether you should earn Java or JavaScript first depends on which area of … Read more

Should you learn algorithms before programming?

Becoming a developer is tricky and understanding what order to learn things in can seem like a minefield. Understanding whether you should learn algorithms before programming is one of those difficult decisions.  Different people provide their version of the ideal journey, while others decry it as nonsense.  The decisions you need to make can lead … Read more

Is Bootstrap hard to learn? 6 crucial things to consider

Learning to code is an incredible journey. But each step has its pitfalls and challenges to be aware of.  Picking up a CSS framework like Bootstrap is different from learning raw HTML and CSS. When learning Bootstrap you are playing by the rules that other developers have set. You have to follow certain conventions otherwise, … Read more