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Is React Hard to Learn? Your Guide to Mastering It Fast

Is React Hard to Learn? Your Guide to Mastering It Fast

Nathan BrittenJun 23, 2023

Learning a new technology can seem like a daunting task, especially when it’s as popular and widely used as React. Is React hard to learn? The answer depends on your current level of programming experience, your familiarity with JavaScript, and…

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Why use Bootstrap instead of CSS? 5 key reasons!

Nathan BrittenJan 23, 2022

You should use Bootstrap instead of pure CSS if you are looking to create projects quickly, keep consistency across a large team, use a modern approach to CSS, and want JavaScript out of the box. Bootstrap powers 27.4% of websites…

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jQuery filter vs find: What’s the difference?

Nathan BrittenOct 14, 2021

If you are using jQuery it is important to understand the difference between the jQuery filter and find methods. They often get used incorrectly which means you won’t be selecting the right elements on your webpage.  The find() method searches…

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Is Bootstrap hard to learn? 6 crucial things to consider

Nathan BrittenAug 15, 2021

Learning to code is an incredible journey. But each step has its pitfalls and challenges to be aware of.  Picking up a CSS framework like Bootstrap is different from learning raw HTML and CSS. When learning Bootstrap you are playing…

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Should you learn Bootstrap? 7 reasons to master Bootstrap

Nathan BrittenAug 13, 2021

Front-end development is full of libraries and frameworks. It’s tough when you start to distinguish between what you must learn and what is nice to have.  Software development is a broad field. Picking the area you want to work in…

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Is React worth learning in 2023? 7 reasons to learn React!

Nathan BrittenJul 14, 2021

There are around 24 JavaScript-based web frameworks for you to choose from.  With such a variety of frameworks and libraries to pick from it’s easy to see why people are asking whether React is worth learning.  The amount of choice…