Is Code Blocks safe?

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After a software vulnerability was found in code blocks in April 2020 developers have begun asking if Code::Blocks is safe. Having a piece of software with security flaws on your computer can be a recipe for disaster if it is exploited. Despite the announcement of the vulnerability Code Blocks is considered safe but you need … Read more

Are network cards worth it? 5 things you must consider

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Advancements in the processing power of laptops mean external network cards aren’t worth it for most people. There has been a one-trillion-fold increase in processing power since 1956 which means your computers and laptops can now easily handle network connections using their integrated adapter.  Network cards became incredibly popular in the developer and gaming community … Read more

Why should you use Bootstrap instead of CSS?

You should use Bootstrap instead of pure CSS if you are looking to create projects quickly, keep consistency across a large team, use a modern approach to CSS, and want JavaScript out of the box. Bootstrap powers 27.4% of websites used today and has some fantastic benefits.  It is worth clarifying that we are not … Read more

Where does Joomla store articles?

Understanding where Joomla stores articles are vitally important if you are a developer and looking to work on the platform. Each content management system stores its data in slightly different ways. It makes switching between the different platforms difficult, especially if you are a developer and need to implement a new feature. Joomla is one … Read more

How much do Wix designers charge?

Wix designers have been able to charge more and more due to the growth in popularity of the platform. Wix now has a 1.8% share of the content management system market but just five years ago it only had 0.4% of the market. The 350% increase has brought with it over 200 million users and … Read more

Is HackerRank good? How the free platform helps developers

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HackerRank is one the most popular technical assessment tools available today. Companies like Dropbox, Lyft, TransferWise, and 2000+ other companies conduct the technical stages of their interviews on HackerRank. While more than 15 million developers use it to hone their coding skills and participate in competitive programming. HackerRank is good for developers because it allows … Read more

Is HackerRank useful? Understanding coding assessments

Coding challenges have become all the rage during developer interviews and have made sites like HackerRank extremely useful.  Companies are using coding tasks as a way to screen out potential applicants who don’t meet their standards. They are a pretty controversial topic in the programming community because these challenges rarely transfer over into relevant developer … Read more